Google Play Store APK Free Download Latest Version

Google Play Store apk is actually a pre-installed service in all Android devices and serves as an official app store of the Android operating system. This digital operating service is designed and operated by Google. It helps users to download and browse any app developed under the Android development Kit and published by Google.

Here, in this article, you will read all in all about google play store apk. You can explore how easy it is to download play store apk for your Android, Pc, Tv device and tablets. In addition to this, you will also learn how to update its latest version.

Millions of Apps are available on this store for Android-powered phones, tablets and TV devices. These applications are available free of charge or at a cost also and can be downloaded directly from play store or through google play websites. In 2017, google play store published over 3.5 million apps and this number is gradually expanding with geographical support.

Briefly about Google Play Store

Google Play Store is home to tons of exciting apps. The old version of the play store was launched on March 6, 2012, together with the Android market, Google plays, music and books. The android market was responsible for the creation of contents and other apps for amazon, Samsung and other mobiles whereas Google music was related to entertainment and google books offered books for reading and download. The latest version of google play store that we use today was introduced on March 11, 2015. It was a separate online hardware retailer service without devices.

How to download Google Play Store APK for Android.

Have you ever seen Android devices without Google play store?. I bet, never, ever. Although the Google play store is a pre-installed service in all the latest Android devices. However, if not it can be downloaded easily just by installing APK files of Google play store from thing more it’s free to download and easy to run.

Download Google Play Store APK for Android latest version.

Android 8.1.0 is one of the fastest and smartest releases of the Android mobile operating system under Android Oreo. With unique features of high battery timing, safe browsing and fingerprint reader, this version is gaining more popularity.

Download Google Play Store Apk files for Android from here.

Download Google Play Store APK for PC

Do you want to enjoy all the games and apps for Android on your PC.?No need to worry, we have a solution! Now it’s possible to download google play store apk on PC with just a few steps.

  • The first step we need to do is download an Android emulator. So that it could stimulate the Android operating system to your PC. Blue stacks emulator is the best fit here that can be downloaded easily through installer free from their websites.
  • The second step is to complete the installation simply by clicking Next and then OK options when it is done.
  • The third and final step is to open the application by tapping the right mouse button. It will open without any delay and the play store will be in front of you to download and enjoy.

Old Version of Google Play Store APK.

List of APK of google play store versions released so far is very long. Following the latest trends team of google always worked hard to offer its best services through play Store APKS. However, its old version is still popular and millions of  Android users are very happy with it and they don’t want to switch to the latest version. The old version has almost all the features of the latest version except a few ones related to security and ranking of apps.

Google Play Store APK for TV devices.

No need to worry if you want to search for movies on your TV. But keep one thing in mind you can install google play store only if you are using Android TV sets. Moreover, don’t take it lightly and always be cautious and install malware also. Otherwise, it may harm your costly device. Best and safe way to install play store in TV device is manual or through Android supporting devices.

One of the fastest ways to search movies on Android TV is to install Play store Apk in it. Just by voice search, you can easily find out your favorite movies.

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Updating Play Store to the latest version

Is it Old or New version? If you are a perfectionist then you will be curious to find out which version is best for your Android. You can try both and  can make a better selection. But normally fresh Android users who are not familiar with updating their already installed version can download the latest version of google play through this APK.

After downloading this you can easily find all kinds of apps like music, books, games, editors, and much more. Just enter a keyword you may reach more than hundreds of apps. Let me add before installing you can also go for the current display of ratings. In this way, you can select the perfect app to install.

More facts about Google Play Store Apk

It offers millions of cool apps like uptodown app store, designed for Android users. Without country restrictions and regional locks uptodown is the best app marketplace.

Play Store APK is home to tons of exciting apps. Apart from these apps, it has a number of unknown features that are still hidden. Here, we are going to discuss a few of them.

  • It offers millions of cool apps like uptodown app store, designed for Android users. Without country restrictions and regional locks, uptodown is the best app marketplace. Now its easy and safe to download apps directly through APK files. Its latest version offers automatic updates as well as switching from old to new version.
  • We can update all the apps we have already installed in android devices through the play store, it has the option of customized updates. Just click on the setting menu and enable updates through wifi, data or any other network. If you don’t want to get updates notifications, you can click on turn off so that the app could update silently.
  • If a kid uses apps from google play store then parents can make it more safe by enabling parental control options. It would filter unwanted and explicit content that is not good for kids. If you are interested in any app and don’t have time to watch it, you can save it in your wishlist and can watch it later. Here you can save movies, books, apps and much more.
  • Beta program feature allows immediate access to the new version of Google Play services.
  • You can subscribe to beta communities through web service or directly through your device. Here you can play games without the boring procedures of installment. With just a single tap you can enter the instant world of apps and can try more apps.
  • Now it’s easy and safe to purchase and pay the bill through google play billing methods. You can pay through debit and credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer and even any method of payment that is available in your country.
  • The recent addition of Google Play Pass is very popular among developers. It offers access to hundreds of add free apps and high quality updated contents and titles.


Wrapping up, it would be an exaggeration to combine all details of each aspect of the google play store. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine Android devices without this play store. You need it if you are downloading, purchasing, setting, getting social, playing games.listening music, watching TV shows, reading books and many more. It’s the easiest and fastest play store you have ever experienced.

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