Download GTA San Andreas APK【OBB + Mod v3.00】

Gta san andreas apk is a superhit video game of action-adventure series developed by Rockstar games. At first, it was released for Playstation and then for  Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

Here in this article, you are going to learn each and every aspect of Grand theft San Andrea APk in detail. You will also learn about its amazing features, background story and how you can install it on your Androids and  PC.

What players enjoy most in this game is perhaps its open-world environment. The players can make the single-player move here and there without limitations. The game itself is set in the virtual world of the US state mainly California and Nevada. The state of San Andreas includes three cities Los Santos, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This apk is regarded as one of the best selling game and about 2.75 million copies of this game are solid until 2011.

It serves both as an action game apk and role-playing game gta san andreas mod apk.

Story of the game

The background story of the game itself is very interesting. Carl Johnson is the hero of the story who left Los Santos to start a new life in Liberty City. He was once the ex gangbanger of grove street families. With the passage of time, his gang lost its power and Ballas took its place. So, he decided to leave Los Santos. However, he has to return after his mother’s murder. All of his childhood friends and family members are fallen apart. Carl tries to regroup his gang. In this attempt, he has to undergo clashes with cops in the streets of Los Santos. He wants to know the truth behind his mother’s murder.

It became popular for the fact that it was based on multiple true stories that were happening in Los Angeles in the early 90s. Among these events rivalry between African Americans, Crisp and Hispanics is portrayed in this game.

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Features of Grand Theft San Andreas APK

It really deserves the title that one of the “greatest video games ever made”.Players always enjoy music, story, and gameplay of this app. If you want to play this fantastic game lets know more about its features one by one.

More Advanced than GTA 3 APK or Vice city

Unlike GTA 3 Apk, this apk offers unlimited access to old and new vehicles. Here the player can enjoy a free ride on  BMX bicycles, mountain bikes, pedal bikes. Moreover, you can unlock special vehicles as you progress in the game. Plus it offers a wide environment to move the vehicles as compared to other games of this series. You can unlock any vehicle and can take it anywhere.

Woo… Carl Johnson can Swim

One of the coolest features of this apk is to make Carl Johnson swim. Since the launch of other games of this series, players were constantly complaining that character would drown even in knee water. In this apk, you will see the hero will swim faster if you hold on the X button whilst doing so. However, the time of swimming depends on the stamina of the character. By holding the circle button it can make a perfect dive to enjoy deep marine life. You can see other non-playing characters enjoying swimming also.

Amazing role-playing game features

The developers of this apk have stressed more on personalizing the main character by offering role-playing features like clothing, tattoos, accessories, hairstyles and many more.CJ can talk, fight, dive, eat, exercise, drive, swim, rob and many more. Even he can respond negatively or positively while talking to pedestrians. If he eats too much he will go to the gym to lose weight. Additionally, his fellow recruits respect him according to his appearance and actions. If he fights with them they will also fight in response.

Massive variety of vehicles.

Are you fed up with old vehicles of GTA 3 and Vice city? If yes, then San Andreas is going to be your perfect choice. As there are approximately 212 vehicles with a combination of old and new ones. Notable additions are bicycles. helicopters, jets, combine harvesters, street sweepers, skydives and boats. Although jets can run fast yet they require a runway. Helicopters can land anywhere on the roofs and helipads.


More control over the gang

Unlike GTA vice here you can enjoy more control over the gang and can even build your own casino. You can’t sit idle whilst playing this game as there is always something to do. Moreover, this app will engage you for hours and hours.

More Advanced Features

  • Gang wars are more advanced because players can win territory after defeating three gang members. As a player occupies more territories, the money will increase gradually. None can snatch the territories once occupied.
  • Modified vehicle technology can boost the speed of cars and the stereo system can make your ride more fun. Other modifications like hydraulics can
  • reduce car height if necessary.
  • Minigames offer more fun for short game lovers like basketball, pool, a rhythm game, and arcade games.
  • Home invasion feature of this apk reflects actual conflicts of that time. Carl Johnson can rob any unlocked home and can snatch valuables from residents.
  • Money expenditure is wider in the latest version as CJ can spend money on tattoos, clothes and even gambling. Beware it can sink player in debt.
  • Multiplayer Mod is a very interesting feature of this app. Two players can compete with each other and are shown at the same time on the screen. However, they have to stay within proximity to each other.


Versions of GTA San Andreas APK

About 6 main versions of San Andreas apk are released so far. Since developers have been working hard on each version to make it bug-free and more advance. let’s see brief details of each version

Old version San Andreas apk  v1.00

Although it was hit version in 2005 yet it had bugs issue and the disc was a must thing.

San Andreas Apk v1.01

It was the first official version released for PC only. Moreover, it will only patch the v1.00  unmodified version. Also, it had bug fixes and additions like support for 720p and marked version number.

San Andreas APk v2.0

Just like 1.01, this version also has some bug fixes and additions. However, the apk can crash the game if the size of gta.image.file is not equivalent to hardcoded size. Even it was not compatible to save files of 1.00 and 1.01

San Andreas APK v3.0

Amazingly, it’s quite different version from 1.00 and 1.02. You may call it the original Steam version as it was based on the Xbox version. It has features of smaller subtitles, radio station name, and save menu screen.

San Andreas APk newsteam r1

Rockstar developers updated the steam version in 2014. After getting a music license, new Steam has removed old songs. Plus it runs without DirectInput pad features, it’s been transported to XInput instead.

San Andreas newsteam r2

Later in 2014, Rockstar developers again updated the Steam change in this version is unlocked 16:9 resolution. Additionally, it is an unmarked version and for this reason, it has been dubbed newsteam r2 by the community.


Download GTA San Andreas APK on Android

Are you over-excited to play this superhit 3D game on your PC? Don’t worry! Need not to wait for anymore. Just click on the button and  Download GTA San Andreas APK on android will start immediately.

For the best results, you are required to reboot your device when an installment is done.

Instructions to follow the download

  • Turn off mobile data, wifi before installing the game and enable it when the game start working.
  • Directly extract the obb zip file from the location of Sdcard/Android/obb or copy already extracted folder com.rockstargames.gtasa to sd card/android/obb
  • Always create new folder naming Obb inside sd card
  • Ready to launch
  • Open the app and its ready to play.

Download Grand theft San Andreas apk on Pc

Do you want to enjoy this adventure play on the big screen? If yes, then get ready and install this on your PC  free of cost using Bluestacks. Just follow the given steps and start downloading GTA San Andreas apk on PC

  • At first, install Bluestacks and launch the installer.
  • Wait till the setup is done
  • Click the search bar at the top right corner and search for GTA San Andreas
  • Click the icon when a search is done
  • Click install on the google play screen
  • When the installation is complete, open GTA San Andreas in my App tab
  • It’s all done now and APk is ready to play. Enjoy this exciting action-adventure!


GTA San Andreas APK is going to be the best choice for all game lovers whether they like action games or adventure games. After reading this article, it becomes crystal clear that its amazing features offer players more fun, action, and enjoyment. Players can move the character here and there without limitations, can enjoy the free ride of a variety of vehicles and can swim and dive even faster. Using codes and cheats you can even help the hero of the game to build his own casino. What is stopping you to download this amazing app? I think you should start the download immediately and enjoy your journey with Carl Johnson. If you find this article interesting share it with your friends and kindly use the comment box if you have any further queries. You can check our others guide like my boy apk, amazon appstore apk, etc.

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