Hello Neighbor Apk | [Download Free Mod + OBB]

Are you in search of both horror plus adventure games?

If yes, this game is going to be your first choice. It’s a sure bet. Keep moving to know more:

So, Hello Neighbour APK is all about a horror video game. This game is thriller-horror that focuses on tricky things around the neighbor house. It is a fright game that consists of adorable graphics. The game is about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to compute the fearful secrets that he disguises in the basement.

This APK is the latest dread game that has an approach on Android so that you can explore on your PC, laptops the secrets unseen by your dark looking neighbor. The game was developed by a Russian video game atelier and published by tiny Build.

Table of facts about Hello Neighbour APK – 

Developer Dynamic Pixels
Publisher tiny build LLC
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform Microsoft Windows 

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4



Release Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 

Genre Stealth,survival,horror
Mode Single-player

Top Features of Hello Neighbour APK

This amazing  APk has some common features. 1It offers the following perks. Let’s check out details one by one –

1. Plot: 

A GameBoy is playing in the street when he hears a loud sound from his neighbor’s house. A game boy notices the neighbor seemingly locking a person in his basement. The boy informs the neighbor’s house because he finds the key to the basement and invades. He realizes that the neighbor has converted his basement into a stand by underground dungeon, but finds no sign of any convict. 

The boy went into the neighbor’s house. He directs his cell to take flight and reach the surface, only to find that the neighbor has assembled an enormous fence around his property to prevent the flight. The boy is imposed to solve a number of puzzles in order to find a way to get away from neighbor property Once the neighbor crosses the fence, he runs away to back his home, though the neighbor does not give pursuit.

2. Amazing Graphics

The graphics of this game are very good. But when you play this game you could only run and open the cabinets. Animations are very great and the background of the games is amazing and the colors are very catchy.

3. Funny and interesting encounters

This APK offers funny and interesting situations. It would make you laugh when the neighbor gets stuck on a door. Game boy moves here and there to find the way out. It gives a real sense of adventure.

hello neighbour apk for android

4. Solo Player Mode

The game runs the solo player mode. Only a single player can play the game at a time. However, some of its versions like Secret Neighbor mode offer a multiplayer online mode.

6. Best GameBoy Control

This application offers a smooth run on a game boy in free spaces. The control button works beyond your expectations. More you practice you will get better control.

7. Interesting Game Story

The story of the game itself is very interesting. The game was great but every time the neighbor caught you; it froze on the loading screen. When you try to go on the door to the final you do not even get a chance to push the neighbor.

How To Download the latest version of Hello Neighbor Apk for Android                                  

This app also has both a free and paid version. Hello, Neighbor is now available on Google play store for easy download. The only thing is that you need to do a free Hello Neighbor Apk. Following important  steps are required to download this latest version of the Apk:

  • The first step is to enable unknown sources in security through android settings.
  • The second step is to download a free Apk like a GBA emulator and save it.
  • The third step is to wait for the installation / downloading process to start.
  • The third step is to wait for the installation / downloading process to start.

hello neighbour apk for pc

Android Settings Setup To Install

What changes are required you need to do in your setting while downloading Hello Neighbor APK latest version for Android are given below –

  • Enable Unknown Sources
  • Access to external storage
  • Access of Bluetooth
  • Access of Wi-fi
  • Sync setting allow
  • Vibrator Access also 

How to download Hello Neighbor Apk on PC?

You can easily play Hello Neighbor on your pc, Laptops when you download the free BlueStacks players.

Following steps are required to download the games in your personal pc:

  • The first step is to Install Bluestack player and run the installer.
  • The second step to complete- time setup.
  • The third main step is to click the icon then we click install on the Google Play screen
  • The fourth step is the installation complete, click the Hello Neighbor icon in My App.
  • You are all done! Enjoy playing the game on your PC. 

hello neighbour apk obb

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

How can I download Hello Neighbours for free?

You can download it for free from google play store, app store and websites, or other social networks.

Can I play Hello Neighbour?

Yes, I can play. It is such an awesome and interesting game. I can really enjoy it a lot.

Can I get Hello Neighbour on Android?

Yes, off course.

Final Verdict

This article is a complete guide on how to install  Hello neighbor ask on your personal computer and android. After all, in my experience these applications are wonderful and I have all of them. Let me remind you more that you always try to download from easy sources and never use fake sources such as websites. 

Let me know your experience through the comment box. I hope this article will provide you with all the details you want to know about this awesome app.                                        

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